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Deliver to clients the tools that will enable them to sell in a smarter way by holding accurate, relevant and timely data. Help them to managing their digital presence.



SalesLogix is a CRM solution that boasts all the benefits of a mid market product. Its modular approach means it can grow with you. 

As you would expect SalesLogix includes customer history, contact dates, responses to marketing campaigns, built in word processing, emailing, faxing and mail merge give you everything you want for an integrated sales process, as well as all the standard calendar, tasks and time management features. 

SalesLogix's advanced tools really do help you run your business more effectively for example:- 

  • Use Telescripts ensure your sales people don’t miss an opportunity through lack of training or knowledge. 

  • Integrated web tools allow accurate and timely information on your customers for your sales people. 

  • Instantly generate Quotes – that have the correct corporate style by pressing a button. 

  • Integrate with your back office system to ensure you don’t waste time opening and closing many other software applications. 

  • Instant allocation of leads – means your prospects get the response and service that will really impress them. 

  • The tracking of leads from start to finish will help your marketing team trim the campaign to the key effective components and spend money wisely. 

  • Last but definitely not least SalesLogix e-Commerce help you make the most of the Internet by enabling you to capture leads, manage partner relationships, help with product rationalisation and order management. 

If you would like to know more about SalesLogix call 07860 403 605. We will be happy to discuss your situation and give you impartial advise you about the right product for you. 

More information It has to be said that as a mid-range product SalesLogix is not cheap, but the features and functionality are excellent. Born out of ACT this product first stared life in 1997 and has matured into an excellent CRM solution for many businesses both large and small. It allows almost total customisation of its features and on how the system is configured from a security point of view. 

SalesLogix contains a wealth of features and functions that will ensure you sales, marketing and support staff have the best possible view of your clients and prospects. 

SalesLogix is the world leader for mid market CRM the product has the scale and breath that allows organisations to custom their exact needs. SalesLogix offer solutions for sales, marketing and support.

    Sage SalesLogix CRM

    Sage SalesLogix provides you with insights and information on your customers by giving you a complete view of customer interactions across your departments and teams. Using the information provided by this powerful and secure CRM software helps improve your planning, managing and forecasting.

    Built on state-of-the-art, flexible technology, Sage SalesLogix can be easily adapted and customised to your distinct business requirements - whether you want your CRM deployment to be on-premise or hosted in the cloud, Sage SalesLogix can provide access to your data when you need it. Windows, web, smart phone and mobile access allows your users to find the information they need quickly and efficiently.

    Sage SalesLogix integrates with your existing IT solutions, hardware and software, using a common development language that eliminates the need for specialised staff. Adapt, personalise and customise the CRM software to meet your unique business requirements and business processes.

    While Sage SalesLogix's rich content and account information, embedded sales best practices and opportunity management tools help your sales team focus on selling, personalised workspaces, right-click menus, drag and drop capabilities and integration with popular applications (such as Microsoft Outlook) help to establish a consistent user

    Achieving with Sage SalesLogix

    Reduce total cost of ownership and achieve high long-term ROI

    • Easy-to-use interface aids rapid user adoption, achieving fast time to productivity
    • Out-of-the-box sophisticated CRM software to get you up and running quickly
    • Develop internally or with Collier Pickard’s help to easily extend your CRM software to scale with the ever changing needs of your business
    • Integrate Sage SalesLogix CRM software with other business-critical applications to boost understanding of customer interactions and information