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GTD (Getting Things Done)

Getting thinks done, not as easy to achieve as we would like. Pressures and timeline today seem to ensure we have to flit from task to task without a moment for reflection or breath. So given that it's not so easy to achieve it's safe to assume that a method exists to help you Get Things Done.

The Getting Things Done method rests on the idea that a person needs to move tasks out of the mind by recording them externally, so the mind is free from the job of remembering the tasks that need to be completed. One can then concentrate on performing the tasks, instead of remembering.

Tools exist to help you GTD and a brief overview is presented below.


Oh the joy of it all we are on the super fast highway and have unlimited download capabilities, or do we?

In the major cities of the UK the super fast highway is often possible but many locations are just too far from the local exchange to get a good service too you need cable access (if available) to ensure good speeds unless you are on top of the local exchange. In rural areas it's even more difficult to get anything close to an acceptable speed. The local exchange serves a much larger area and therefore more customers are too far from a good signal. Cable is not an option so Satilite is the only way forward.

Satellite services have improved over the last few years and once the initial installation fee has been paid the service will deliver a generally good stable signal. The cost difference between domestic and business services are very large so It would make sense to get the cheapest, wouldn't it?  With the cheapest domestic package at about £25.00 per month and the top business package a whopping £150.00 per month their is lots of choice. Unless you need a static IP the domestic traffic would cover you very well and as you are able to upgrade and downgrade between the package options its flexible enough to meet most small business needs.   

Beware of two words Up To and Unlimited

Let's assume you have an acceptable broadband access and look to get things done, what software tools can you use to make it happen.


The original cloud site to store anything you need - where Evernote can deal with snippets of information - Dropbox will take documents, pictures and allow toy to store on one or more device. This is a great you to share information with others, perhaps you have a large file that is too big to email, sent it to dropbox and put it in a folder that you share with whoever needs access to it. A great way to GTD with others.


This allows you to store information and share it between your devices. Let's say that you see something on the internet that you want to reference later, take a Evernote snapshot and it will be stored locally on you machine and sync to any other device you have. It has both a free and premium service so you can try it and see if it helps you to GTD


I never start a project without first having created a mindmap. If you are new to them it a way to marshall thoughts into a a series of single words or short phrases that allow you to 'brainstorm' what you need to do.

OmniFocus fo Mac

GTD needs a good task capture tool that has a good balance between ease of use and

Being Joined Up