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Deliver to clients the tools that will enable them to sell in a smarter way by holding accurate, relevant and timely data. Help them to managing their digital presence.

Data Quality

The ART of Data Quality

Obvious really but data quality is not a given, we have to work at it and keep working at it because as soon as we 'drop the data ball' we start to get inaccuracy and this breeds doubt into its validity. Data must above all be accurate, relevant and timely (ART).

Someone needs to understand what's quality data in the organisation, the data that will drive your understanding of the customer. Let's call this superhuman the CRM manager, you do have someone like this, don't you? We can't expect users to be perfect data entry clerks as well as excellant in their main role.  This role of a CRM manager is often given to someone in Marketing as they are generally closest to the majority of the data in the system. This person will need to take a very pro-active approach to data quality as well as instigating period reviews. The business is reliant on their tenacity to deliver good data that in turn delivers good business decisions.

Data Quality Best Practice

ACC will work with the CRM manager to build a series of Best Practices that will help to identify when and how data is being corrupted and how to reduce further corruption by education or process refinement.

Not Ready for CRM yet?

That's fine, but it is time for you to examine the data you hold, define if what you hold is appropriate and clean up the data so that when you do move to a formal CRM system the data is accurate, relevant and timely.