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Deliver to clients the tools that will enable them to sell in a smarter way by holding accurate, relevant and timely data. Help them to managing their digital presence.

The ART of CRM

The ART of CRM

Whichever system you have chosen to use will not influence the quality of the data you have or should have. It will not ensure that the workflows and processes you employ are fit for purpose. Nor will it act as a silver bullet to fix things that need fixing.

The system itself is the manikin upon which you hang your business.

So where does the ART come into this?

In terms of CRM, ART relates to the data you hold and make business decisions from. That data must be Accurate, Relevant and Timely. If you measure a single screen of information against ART. 

Do I trust the source of what I see? - Is it Accurate

How does it impact on the client relationship? - Is it Relevant

How old is each data element? - Is it Timely

Good data is hard won, insightful and forms the building blocks of a successful customer relationship.

Poor data is often no data at all or nothing more than simple information available anywhere.